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Welcome to our vibrant world of probiotic wonders! Dive into a treasure trove of enlightening articles on Kefir and Kombucha, where you’ll uncover a wealth of captivating insights and invaluable knowledge to fuel your journey towards gut health and culinary exploration.

How We Got Started

September 3rd, 2023|

It has all started in our home environment in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. We knew and understood the following: Healthy digestive system equals strong body with efficient immune [...]

Our Journey

September 3rd, 2023|

We have spent the winter in the beautiful French Alps on the amazing mountain Lake of Annecy. During our stay we had the opportunity to taste many different [...]

Our Passion

September 3rd, 2023|

We have increased our cooling & storage capacity as well as established reliable delivery transport service to allow: Delivery of FRESH Kefir & Kombucha same day as the [...]

The Team

September 3rd, 2023|

Teresa Lena OWNER & MANAGING DIRECTOR She studied in Kuala Lumpur - Bachelor Degree in Office System And Management and worked for 7 years in Oil & gas [...]






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