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Can diabetic patients consume Kefir & Kombucha?2023-09-02T09:15:00+00:00

We have more than one diabetic who are using our products with great success. Since the major problem of diabetics is the spiking sugar levels in the blood, these new friends “Kefir” and “Kombucha” will grace you very soon with the levels much closer to normal or completely normal within 30 days after the first day of consumption.

Weight loss thanks to Kefir & Kombucha?2023-09-02T09:08:06+00:00

Kefir and Kombucha are preferred tools for a healthy  weight loss! The bacteria and yeast that live inside have SUGAR as primary source of food and energy.

After a regular consumption of Kefir and/or Kombucha (daily use of 7 to 10 days), the new bacteria and yeast continue to live inside your gut even though, your consumption of our products is paused for a while. At any time of the day, through the blood vessels that arrive into the stomach and intestines, the extra sugar will be delivered to the bacteria, that will be very happy to consume it. That means that your resting metabolism increases thanks to your new friends “Kefir” and “Kombucha”.

The results are spectacular on the blood levels of sugar and cholesterol and can be seen in as short as 30 days only.

Whenever you feel like restarting supplementing yourself with these miracle probiotics – we will be happy to serve you once again! Those moments are: after partaking antibiotics, excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, excessive use of food with preservatives or anything else that you believe has put you in an “out of usual balance” feeling kinda state!

How to transport / keep Kefir & Kombucha2023-09-02T09:06:47+00:00

Each bottle of Kefir and/or Kombucha is ALIVE.

That means that the bottles are not static. The live bacteria and yeast that are inside continue to live on. One aspect of that is that the production of CO2 that makes our drinks naturally sparkling – doesn’t stop. As time goes, the level of sugar will drop and the overall bottle pressure will rise.

At all times, the bottles must be kept refrigerated.

Do not forget bottles outside – they risk to be filled in with too much gas and eventually the extra pressure will break the glass and make the bottle explode!

Do not shake the bottles but rather stir them gently to spread the bacteria evenly through out the bottle before serving it.

If a transportation without a cooler has to be done for more then 30 minutes, open the transported bottle and remove the transparent insert, close the bottle with the main cap. Upon arrival, put back the insert and close the main cap to re-build the pressure within the bottle and its sparkling effect. That is the safest. Otherwise, before the trip double check the pressure of the bottles and estimate if it is ok to do not remove the insert – that option is for more experienced users who can judge the pressure of a given bottle! The safest procedure remains still the best procedure!

During a prolonged period of storage – more than 2 weeks – it is advised to open the bottles to release the built in pressure before putting them back for further storage.

Kefir & Kombucha: safe to drink?2023-09-02T09:05:03+00:00

The answer is a YES for most cases. It is not possible though to have a ready answer for each and everyone. We are all different and react differently to different things. It is important that you know your condition, if there is any, and of course get yourself informed.

This being said, we have diabetic customers and customers with more or less serious digestive problems and so far all of them have reported beneficial results.

On the contrary, Kefir and Kombucha promote healthy digestion that is the foundation of everything else. It is the fueling – energy and nutrients providing system that makes everything work or repair it with new building blocks. It is pretty logical so far and sounds pretty factual.

The general advise for Kombucha though is to limit consumption of our Kombucha Mix Kefir to not more than half a bottle a day. It is powerful enough and following some researches that we could read through – moderation is to be applied.

Another Mixture to pay attention to is Kefir with Tongkat Ali. We brew a strong tea with organic Tongkat Ali that we have collected from then natives in Malaysia – orang asli. The tea is strong and potent. We advise to consume not more than 1 bottle in a day and spread the consumption into 3 servings. Note.: consumption of half a bottle of Tongkat Ali mix should be potent enough already.

As for the rest of the combinations that do not contain Kombucha, there is pretty much no limit as of how much a person could drink it in a day. It is entirely up to you. Anything between half a bottle to 1 bottle a day is a powerful enough practice to find a new balance for our body!

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How to drink Kefir & Kombucha?2023-09-02T08:40:10+00:00

In case of working on healing the stomach, the best time to consume is during the meals. This way the beneficial bacteria and the anti-inflammatory properties of Kefir & Kombucha will spend the longest time in the place where it is the most needed for this case – the stomach. That is an exception to the general rule or logic that follows.

In general, we want the Kefir & Kombucha friendly bacteria and yeast to populate our entire digestive system beyond the stomach – small and big intestines. Most of the bacteria can be destroyed by the acidity of the stomach. So strategically, it is much more efficient to partake Kefir & Kombucha between the meals. The reason for that is that digestive system is not activated at those times and the acidity in the stomach is not that high which will allow most of the Kefir to quickly pass through the stomach area without being destroyed!

Our Kombucha Mix – 750ml bottles are advised to be taken half a bottle a day maximum while there is no limit on the Kefir quantity that can be consumed.

It is also best value for money to spread the partaking throughout the day rather than drinking a bottle in one shot. Of course, for those who sweat well during an intense exercise – you can finish a bottle in no time and that’s absolutely fine, as you have probably noticed how it affects the energy level in a positive way during training.

How long can I keep Kefir / Kombucha.2023-09-02T08:37:29+00:00

All the bottles that we deliver to you are freshly made. From the day of delivery, it is best to consume them as follow:

  1. Pure Kefir – 30 days.
  2. Kombucha Kefir Mix – 30 days.
  3. Acai Kefir – 21 days
  4. Apple Cinnamon Kefir –  7 days.
  5. Pear Kefir – 7 days
  6. Pomegrenate Kefir 10 days.
  7. Ginger Kefir – 15 days.
  8. Ginger Turmeric Kefir – 15 days
  9. Honeydew Kefir – 7 days.
  10. Tongkat Ali Kefir – 30 days.
  11. Passion Aloe Kefir – 15 days.
  12. Milk Kefir – 30 days.
  13. Milk Mango Kefir – 15 days

When ordering a mixture of different bottle, keep in mind to consume the more fragile ones first.

NOTE: in general all bottles are safe and therapeutic to be consumed for 30 days! Those bottles that have a mention of below 30 days, simply change the taste as fermentation keeps going, so the taste will change but they are still safe to drink. Beyond 30 days, kefir doesn’t spoil at all but the bacterium tends to slow down and therapeutically speaking it is much more beneficial to drink it fresh in under 30 days whatever the bottle you consider!


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