We have increased our cooling & storage capacity as well as established reliable delivery transport service to allow:

Delivery of FRESH Kefir & Kombucha same day as the order!

We would like you to do not wait to get your Kefir & Kombucha when you want one. Our well established commercial relationship with quality transport service can deliver you as soon as you wish or even schedule a delivery for the Day & Time of your choice. We and the rider will contact you before the delivery to make sure you are ready to receive.

Our Kefir & Kombucha uses exclusively glass bottles for health reasons as well as nature friendly philosophy (limit the use of plastics). We will pack your bottles with care for them to arrive safely at your home!

We also provide FREE DELIVERY in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley for orders of 5 bottles and above. We are probably the only ones in Malaysia who do not mind to take the cost of delivery on us to allow as many people as possible to enjoy Kefir & Kombucha at the most affordable cost.

CLICK HERE to access our contact information.

We are very easy to be contacted from morning to evening time in Malaysia and will be happy to answer some of your questions about the probiotic drinks or even give you some advises on how to consume it for your particular case of use of it.