If you are lucky to live in Malaysia than you can try the Kefir & Kombucha produced by Yuri’s family in Kuala Lumpur. Otherwise, find a local brewer or get the bacterium and start brewing it on your own for the benefits of all your family. Believe us, you won’t regret your meeting with Kefir & Kombucha. They will change your life in so many good ways.

Water Kefir (left) – Milk Kefir (right)

Youri Zaritski was born in Russia and during his childhood he was consuming milk Kefir ( Russian:  Кефир ) – this was the word to describe something that Youri thought to be Yogurt during his childhood. It is only later on that he has discovered how much more powerful Kefir is and what it really meant for human body and its balance and overall health.

It is really not the same. Both use the same principal of fermentation and providing friendly bacteria to the person consuming it. There is a major difference between Kefir and Yogurt. Kefir is at least 10 times more powerful and potent than Yogurt by having 40 types of friendly bacteria VS only 4 types of bacteria for the Yogurt). Kefir also contains 10 types of yeast that Yogurt doesn’t have.

There is also Water Kefir that uses more or less the same bacteria and yeasts as the milk version of it but do not work really in the same way. Milk Kefir is specialized more into digesting the fats in sugars present in the milk, while the water kefir is not really “ready for it”. The physical appearance and behavior of milk and water Kefir differ. So we do advise to drink both of them to insure a greater variety of natural defenses.

Our digestive system in optimal condition contains 400 species of bacteria and yeasts. Now, I go for Kefir rather then yogurt when my goal is to replenish my digestive system with the good bacterial environment.

I have started to produce the water Kefir about 10 years ago – it took me a little bit of practice to learn how to maintain the “mother” of the Kefir – the bacterial soup that is to be fed on daily basis while avoiding harming chemicals/compounds. I have a 5 stage water filtering system that provides very pure water. One of the most important filters is the Fluoride Filter. Fluoride has been such a deception and poison to man! Together with Chlorine and other such compounds it is killing all the good bacteria in our stomachs to open the way for infections, DIS-balances, DIS-eases and irritations/inflammation of the digestive tract.

Think of it more than twice: DIGESTION is EVERYTHING!

The modern food that contains a lot of hidden refined sugar (LINK) is highly detrimental for health. Sugar has been the culprit of many imbalances all across the human body! Sometimes we do not have even the choice to do not eat it. Refined sugar is part of many prepared dishes and beverages sold in supermarkets. Our body has not been designed to eat that refined sugar at all. We are designed to eat sugars in their natural form in fruits & vegetables. There are many different types of sugar: the refined sugar will be present quickly and directly in the blood skyrocketing the blood sugar levels which are linked with Cholesterol narrowing the veins which consequently transforms into heart attack or a stroke. Diabetes is another dis-balance of our times.

Cancer loves acidity and sugar. (Link) Refined sugar will increase the acidity. This is how GOOD sugar is IN BEING BAD. By having Kefir’s friendly bacteria in the stomach and intestines, we reduce the amount of sugar penetrating the blood system.


Overgrowth of CANDIDA (LINK) besides the small infections within the body has been linked to Cancer. Candida as many other organisms are present everywhere and within our body as well. It is the overgrowth or dis-balance of it that causes the dis-eases. By consuming regularly Kefir we eliminate this problem.

And KOMBUCHA in all of this?

It seems that the quantity of different types of bacteria and yeast do not apply to Kombucha and its efficiency. Having only a few types of bacteria and yeasts (5), Kombucha is performing in a “beast mode” to fight off digestive disorders & infections. It kills Candida and H-pylori on contact. You can expect recover from yeast infections within days or a week or two. It lowers the sugar levels and LDL cholesterol levels in 30 days (for this result we advise to drink plenty of water as well and practice at least a regular moderate exercise such as walking). We have experienced the fast recoveries of indigestion and bloated stomach within 15 min, diarrhea and vomiting within 30 min (12h max) and the list goes on. We prepare it with a  strong concentration in black tea (50%) and Japanese Green Tea (50%) + white sugar. Our bottles contain 80% of Kefir and 20 % of Kombucha – we advise to drink not more than half a bottle a day (750 ml / 2). Do not worry – that will be enough. Please feel free to drink as much of Kefir as you wish but hold on half a bottle a day of Kombucha powers. The reason for limiting the Kombucha consumption is due to mainly the fact that Kombucha contains acids that are exactly the same produced by human liver which do not require digestion before absorption. They are beneficial to us and do lift off a great deal of work from the liver and help the body to heal. But if the person over-do it and drinks too much of it than too much acid is present in the body and can be very detrimental.  The second reason of limiting its consumption is that it is already efficient and does not need to be taken in greater amounts than that! So see it as a real medicine that will heal you and family from many dis-balances and that has to be respected.


Prevention is much easier than cure. I hope you guys make your own research as I did and start living a healthy life for all the love and joy you wish to share with your loved ones for a long time!


We strive to make consistently best tasting Kefir & Kombucha in Malaysia.


Unique flavors from fruits, berries and roots from around the world. And everything is organic and without preservatives.


Have you heard of Russian Kvas? Our kefir has a very unique taste: light and refreshing just like Kvas.