Kefir and Kombucha are preferred tools for a healthy  weight loss! The bacteria and yeast that live inside have SUGAR as primary source of food and energy.

After a regular consumption of Kefir and/or Kombucha (daily use of 7 to 10 days), the new bacteria and yeast continue to live inside your gut even though, your consumption of our products is paused for a while. At any time of the day, through the blood vessels that arrive into the stomach and intestines, the extra sugar will be delivered to the bacteria, that will be very happy to consume it. That means that your resting metabolism increases thanks to your new friends “Kefir” and “Kombucha”.

The results are spectacular on the blood levels of sugar and cholesterol and can be seen in as short as 30 days only.

Whenever you feel like restarting supplementing yourself with these miracle probiotics – we will be happy to serve you once again! Those moments are: after partaking antibiotics, excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, excessive use of food with preservatives or anything else that you believe has put you in an “out of usual balance” feeling kinda state!