The answer is a YES for most cases. It is not possible though to have a ready answer for each and everyone. We are all different and react differently to different things. It is important that you know your condition, if there is any, and of course get yourself informed.

This being said, we have diabetic customers and customers with more or less serious digestive problems and so far all of them have reported beneficial results.

On the contrary, Kefir and Kombucha promote healthy digestion that is the foundation of everything else. It is the fueling – energy and nutrients providing system that makes everything work or repair it with new building blocks. It is pretty logical so far and sounds pretty factual.

The general advise for Kombucha though is to limit consumption of our Kombucha Mix Kefir to not more than half a bottle a day. It is powerful enough and following some researches that we could read through – moderation is to be applied.

Another Mixture to pay attention to is Kefir with Tongkat Ali. We brew a strong tea with organic Tongkat Ali that we have collected from then natives in Malaysia – orang asli. The tea is strong and potent. We advise to consume not more than 1 bottle in a day and spread the consumption into 3 servings. Note.: consumption of half a bottle of Tongkat Ali mix should be potent enough already.

As for the rest of the combinations that do not contain Kombucha, there is pretty much no limit as of how much a person could drink it in a day. It is entirely up to you. Anything between half a bottle to 1 bottle a day is a powerful enough practice to find a new balance for our body!