In case of working on healing the stomach, the best time to consume is during the meals. This way the beneficial bacteria and the anti-inflammatory properties of Kefir & Kombucha will spend the longest time in the place where it is the most needed for this case – the stomach. That is an exception to the general rule or logic that follows.

In general, we want the Kefir & Kombucha friendly bacteria and yeast to populate our entire digestive system beyond the stomach – small and big intestines. Most of the bacteria can be destroyed by the acidity of the stomach. So strategically, it is much more efficient to partake Kefir & Kombucha between the meals. The reason for that is that digestive system is not activated at those times and the acidity in the stomach is not that high which will allow most of the Kefir to quickly pass through the stomach area without being destroyed!

Our Kombucha Mix – 750ml bottles are advised to be taken half a bottle a day maximum while there is no limit on the Kefir quantity that can be consumed.

It is also best value for money to spread the partaking throughout the day rather than drinking a bottle in one shot. Of course, for those who sweat well during an intense exercise – you can finish a bottle in no time and that’s absolutely fine, as you have probably noticed how it affects the energy level in a positive way during training.